The Best Aesthetics Clinics in London

The Best Aesthetics Clinics in London

There are many top-rated aesthetics clinics in London, but which are the best ones? We’ll discuss the top treatments at each, including those performed by Dr Nick Lowe, Dr Leah Totton, and Preema Vig. We’ll also discuss the qualifications of aestheticians, such as Dr Sebagh and Dr Rasha. And of course, we’ll talk about which doctors are the most popular.
Dr Leah Totton

The ‘BBC Apprentice’ winner has turned her medical background into a highly successful aesthetics clinic. After graduating from the University of East Anglia, Dr Leah Totton specialised in medical aesthetics. She is the youngest trainer of the world-exclusive Silhouette Soft treatment. This technique works with your body’s natural collagen production to lift and tighten your skin, while gradually regenerating new tissue. The patented procedure uses bi-directional cones to secure threads in the subcutaneous layer and allow them to be pulled in two directions.
Dr Preema Vig

Dr Preema Vig, a physician who specializes in non-surgical facial rejuvenation, is one of the most highly-regarded aesthetic doctors in London. She is renowned for her extensive experience in the field of aesthetic medicine, which includes dermal fillers and Botox. The renowned doctor is a member of the General Medical Council and the Royal College of General Practitioners. Her practice has been hailed as one of the best in the UK and has won numerous awards for her work.
Dr Sebagh

One of the most renowned names in cosmetic medicine, Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh specializes in facial and neck rejuvenation. He maintains exclusive offices in London and Paris. His work is so impressive that he coined the term “age maintenance” to describe his work. Through aesthetics Ascot , Dr. Sebagh is able to physically change the skin without invasive procedures, giving you natural-looking results.
Dr Nick Lowe

Among the leading practitioners of aesthetic medicine in London is Dr Nick Lowe, the consultant dermatologist at Cranley Clinic. He is also a clinical professor in dermatology at UCLA School of Medicine. Besides his many years of clinical experience, Dr Lowe is also an active researcher in the field of dermatology and psoriasis. His researches and publications include more than 450 clinical papers, 15 scientific books, and five educational texts.
The Cranley Clinic

With over 30 years of experience, the Cranley Clinic has built an enviable reputation for a range of aesthetic treatments. The doctors at The Cranley Clinic are highly-experienced and qualified, with Dr Nick Lowe being a world-renowned dermatologist and clinical professor. Dr Nick is the original researcher and pioneer of the Botox treatment. The Cranley Clinic specializes in non-surgical aesthetic treatments, such as fillers and lasers. The clinic also offers advanced weight reduction treatments, such as CoolSculpting.
The Cosmetic Skin Clinic

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic is an exclusive clinic, which features a separate entrance for celebrities. Dr. Leah Totton, a board-certified dermatologist and advocate of natural-looking cosmetic results, founded the clinic in 2014. The clinic offers a range of non-surgical and surgical procedures to address skin concerns, including collagen induction therapy, dermal fillers, and laser skin resurfacing. Listed in Tatler as one of the UK’s best aesthetic clinics, Dr. Totton and her team of cosmetic medical experts are highly respected.
The Hamlet Clinic

The Hamlet Clinic is an elite facility, offering a comprehensive range of cosmetic and body sculpting treatments. The Hamlet Clinic was established by Dr Grant Hamlet, one of the leading experts in VASER liposculpture. The clinic offers standard, hi-def, and 4D VASER liposculpture treatments as well as fat transfer. Dr Hamlet also offers a range of non-surgical treatments. His expertise spans a wide range of aesthetic procedures, from body sculpting to facial rejuvenation.