Stairlift Designs For People With Limited Mobility

Stairlift Designs For People With Limited Mobility

Power is swivel

A stairlift with a power swivel is an excellent option for people who are unable to move. The swivel feature allows the user to pivot around, and block the stairs behind them. This feature is particularly useful for stroke victims or anyone who has restricted mobility on one side of their bodies. To find out whether the power swivel stairlift would fit in your home, contact a specialist firm. A sales representative will come out and examine your needs.

The joystick is used for controlling the controls. This makes it easy for anyone with arthritis to use, including those with arthritis. Some models have levers or buttons that provide additional control. stairlifts prices of a stairlift typically falls between 300 and 450 pounds. However certain models have higher capacities.


It is important to evaluate your mobility needs and preferences prior to choosing a curved staircase. Mobility experts can help you select the right modifications to make the ride more comfortable. They can also suggest brands with features that let you safely enter and exit the stairs. Also, consider your height and weight. A large person might need a different chair or footrests with an adjustable height.

The majority of curved stairlift designs work by using a gear system. The motor inside the chair runs up and down the stairwell by using teethed tracks. This gear system can be either a rack-and pinion system or a gear system with worms. In general the latter is the more durable option.

Remote control

There are many options in stairlift designs designed for people with mobility issues. Many are focused on safety, however certain models also include convenience features. You can also pick various kinds of upholstery that will match your home’s décor. Different models have different weight capacities and seats widths. You must pay close attention to these specifications to avoid buying a dangerous model.

Many models of stairlifts come with remote controls for ease of use. These controls are simple to use and allow you access to your chair from the top or the bottom of the stairs. Many chairs come with chargers to ensure that the chair will be accessible even if power is cut.