Types of Option Advisory Services


There are a few different types of option advisory services. These include the XTR ProTrader, Market Chameleon, InsiderFinance, and Options Intelligence. These firms specialize in different strategies and offer personalized service to their clients. Depending on their needs and your budget, these firms offer several options to choose from. An option advisory service is a good idea if you are a trader, so take a look at the TB Charriman recommendations!

Market Chameleon

Market Chameleon offers a wealth of features for traders interested in options. It provides daily open interest reports for a variety of stocks and options. You can filter these reports by market cap, sector, RSI, percent from 52-week high, or put/call ratio. The tool can also backtest trade ideas and analyze pre-market and after-hours trading. It also offers 18 different options strategies.

Whether you are looking for an option trading service or just want to learn more about the different strategies, you will find Market Chameleon very helpful. It can help you find profitable trade plans and even recommend options trading strategies. It will analyze options data and stock data in order to provide you with specific entry and exit price points. Moreover, it will provide you with historical data to help you limit your downside risks. Market Chameleon also features a powerful earnings research tool that reveals undervalued stocks around earnings activity. It also provides you with an earnings calendar so you can see the volatility of a stock around earnings.

Another feature of the Market Chameleon platform is its ability to research dividend stocks. It will list stocks that announced dividend increases. It will also plot the dividend yield against historical volatility. Additionally, it will give you recommendations on dividend stocks that have low volatility and are rebounding from 52-week lows.


The InsiderFinance option advisory service offers a range of tools to trade options. Its option scanner and analysis of dark pools helps you to identify potential trades. The service also has access to data from past trades and structured data to help you make informed decisions. You can get the full features of the service for a small monthly or annual fee.

InsiderFinance is the most comprehensive trading platform available, bringing actionable insights to traders of any experience level. The company has been able to adapt to this new landscape by providing access to data that is previously only available to big institutions. Traders are drowning in the volume of information they receive, which is why they need tools that can help them understand complex data. A single piece of data is useless without context, so it is important to use a complete system to make informed decisions.

InsiderFinance’s proprietary algorithm uses big data to analyze institutional options order flows and dark pool prints. Its analysis software is also customizable to your criteria. It helps you define specific screener criteria for stock options, which can help you narrow your search and identify trade opportunities.

Options Intelligence

Options Intelligence is a stock options advisory service that sends alerts to subscribers on a weekly or monthly basis. These alerts are delivered through a variety of platforms, including Twitter and text message. These alerts focus on single-leg, short-term opportunities. There are also many different tools that can be helpful depending on your trading style and goals.

Options Intelligence is one of several option advisory services that are available online. It has a subscription fee of $1000 by-weekly or $2,000 per month, which is quite high compared to other options advisory services. In addition, the service does not provide P&Ls for the individual trades, so it’s not a good choice for beginners.

Options Intelligence is made up of traders with extensive experience in the option market. They also provide training resources to help their members understand the different aspects of trading options.

XTR ProTrader

If you’re an aspiring options trader looking for a way to make money without breaking the bank, you might want to consider XTR ProTrader option advisory service. This service is run by a veteran trader named David Vallieres. He’s been trading since the 1980s and has invested his own money into training and education. In fact, he even hired a top CBOE trader to teach him how to trade options.

XTR ProTrader’s subscribers can subscribe to email and text alerts to learn how to trade the market. The service also offers private trade ideas and video training courses. In addition, they can get signal updates and market forecasts. All of these features can greatly benefit a trader’s trading habits.

While options advisory services don’t guarantee profits, the best ones will use their expertise to guide traders’ decisions. This way, they’ll give you alerts when they’re best to enter and exit a trade. The service should also provide alerts that are accurate and timely, so that you can make or stop trading decisions accordingly.