Star OUTiCO and HCP Engagement

Star OUTiCO and HCP Engagement

As the face-to face selling process is becoming more difficult and companies are turning to new approaches for engaging with HCPs. Star OUTiCO began working with HCPs in 2011, after noticing a problem. Many companies concentrate on branding strategy, but don’t pay attention to the most important person in the health industry namely the HCP.

Omni-channel account management

Star OUTiCO offers a variety of services for healthcare companies. It combines in-person engagement and digital tools to boost the visibility of brands to drive sales, as well as promote brand growth. With an innovative omni-channel account management system, it allows companies to design channels that meet the individual customer preferences.

Healthcare professionals are becoming increasingly digitally savvy and are demanding customized experiences. Pharmaceutical Recruitment Agency is why traditional interaction with HCPs is becoming more difficult. It’s not enough for sales reps to possess the best experience to determine the best engagement strategy.

Research into HCP preferences for communication

Star OUTiCO has a unique approach to improving communications with healthcare professionals. This strategy was created after the company became frustrated with the outdated methods and their resistance to changes. It has been working with healthcare professionals since 2011 to improve their communication. In the past few years, face-toface selling has become more difficult for many companies who have been focused on brand strategy and expanding their sales efforts , but ignoring the most crucial aspect of selling: the health professional (HCP)!

Communication is evolving in the current pharmaceutical and health healthcare industry. The number of HCPs has declined and the number of channels available is constantly changing. The workforce’s age has also changed. Today 64% of workers are members of Generation X or Millennial age cohorts, with significantly different communication preferences and methods of communication.